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Construction, Transportation, and Disaster Prevention Management

The program includes fundamental study of the construction management, and focus on building information modeling (BIM), fire escape plan, construction contractual issues, industrial operations and economics, construction planning, construction process analysis and simulation, construction materials, transportation engineering and environment-friendly materials like Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) and coffee grounds. In addition, it also provides practical learning of schedule management, cost estimation and analysis, quality assurance, construction risk management and other related fields.

Construction Engineering Management (CEM) emphasizes theory is as important as practice. The program has close collaboration with construction industries and applying civil construction computerized and knowledge managent by information technology to enhance the education effectiveness as well as the talent development.

Research subjects:

(1) Construction and Project Management.

(2) Construction Risk Management and Strategic Analysis.

(3) Government Procurement Act and Act for Promotion of Private Participation in

      Infrastructure Project Research.

(4) Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Material Research.

(5) Construction Cost and Finance Research.

(6) Construction Knowledge Management.

(7) Energy-Saving Materials.

(8) Disaster Management.

(9) Construction Knowledge Management.

(10) Transportation Engineering.

(11) Building Information Modeling.

(12) Fire Escape Planning.