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Construction, Transportation, and Disaster Prevention Management

Construction, transportation, and disaster prevention management program emphasizes theory and practical knowledge. The program includes fundamental and advanced studies for the construction and project management. The related content includes construction schedule management, construction cost estimation and management, quality management in engineering, construction risk management, fire escape plan, construction contracts, industrial operations and economics, construction process simulation, construction materials, transportation engineering, and environment.

Research subjects:

(1) Construction and Project Management.

(2) Construction Risk Management.

(3) Government Procurement in Infrastructure Projects.

(4) Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Material Research.

(5) Construction Cost and Finance Management.

(6) Construction Knowledge Management.

(7) Energy-Saving Materials.

(8) Disaster Management.

(9) Construction Knowledge Management.

(10) Quality Management in Engineering.

(11) Building Information Modeling.

(12) Fire Escape Planning.

(13) Transportation Management.

(14) Sustainable Construction Engineering.

(15) Construction Jobsite Management.