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Journal papers published by CE faculty in 2021

Woods, J.E., Yang, Y.-S., Chen, P.-C., Lau, D.T., Erochko, J., Automated Crack Detection and Damage Index Calculation for RC Structures Using Image Analysis and Fractal Dimension, Journal of Structural Engineering (United States), 2021, 147(4), 04021019.

Li, Y.-F., Lee, K.-F., Ramanathan, G.K., ...Huang, C.-H., Tsai, Y.-K., Static and dynamic performances of chopped carbon-fiberreinforced mortar and concrete incorporated with disparate lengths, Materials, 2021, 14(4), 1-16, 972.

Chen, Y.-C., Chen, L.-Y., Pelleting spent coffee grounds by waste utensils as binders of biofuels, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2021, 9(3), 105006.

Chen, Y.-C., Chen, L.-Y., Water retention capacity and runoff peak flow duration of the urban food garden: A city-based model and field experiment, Ecological Engineering, 2021, 159, 106073.

Journal papers published by CE faculty in 2020

Chang, S.-Y., Non-iterative methods for dynamic analysis of nonlinear velocity-dependent problems, Nonlinear Dynamics, 2020, 101(2), 1473-1500.

Chang, S.-Y., A dissipative family of eigen-based integration methods for nonlinear dynamic analysis, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 2020, 75(5), 541–557.

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Yang, Y.-S., Xue, Q., Chen, P.-Y., ...Chen, J.-S., Chen, C.-T., Image analysis applications for building inter-story drift monitoring, Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 2020, 10(20), 1–17, 7304.

Journal papers published by CE faculty in 2019

Chang, C.-H., Wu, S.-J., Hsu, C.-T., Shen, J.-C., Lien, H.-C., Corrigendum: An evaluation framework for identifying the optimal raingauge network based on spatiotemporal variation in quantitative precipitation estimation, Hydrology Research, 2019, 50 (2), pp. 807.

Chen, L.-H., Chen, W.-C., Chen, Y.-C., Shear fracture evolution in rocks examined using a novel shear device associated with acoustic emissions. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 2019, 210, pp. 42-53.

Chen, Y.-C., Estimation of willingness-to-pay for the MSW disposal system by choice experiment approach: A case study of Taiwan. Waste Management and Research, 2019, 37 (4), pp. 365-373.

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Chen, S.-K., Jang, C.-S., Chou, C.-Y., Assessment of spatiotemporal variations in river water quality for sustainable environmental and recreational management in the highly urbanized Danshui River basin. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2019, 191 (2), Article ID 100.

Liao, W.-I., Hsiao, F.-P., Chiu, C.-K., Ho, C.-E., Structural health monitoring and interface damage detection for infill reinforced concrete walls in seismic retrofit of reinforced concrete frames using piezoceramic-based transducers under the cyclic loading. Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 2019, 9 (2), Article ID 312.Li, Y.-F., Hsu, T.-H., Hsieh, F.-C., A study on improving the mechanical behaviors of the pultruded GFRP composite material members, Sustainability (Switzerland), 2019, 11 (3), Article ID 557.

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Jang, C.-S., Kuo, Y.-M., Chen, S.-K., Assessment of shallow groundwater use for irrigating park trees in the metropolitan Taipei Basin according to variability conditions of water quality. Journal of Hydrology X, 2019,2, Article ID 100013.

Journal papers published by CE faculty in 2018

Chang, S.-Y., Wu, T.-H., Assessments of structure-dependent integration methods with explicit displacement and velocity difference equations, Journal of Mechanics, 2018, 34, pp. 771-778.

Li, Y.-F., Meda, H. A., Chen, W., The design and analysis of internally stiffened GFRP tubular decks-A sustainable solution, Sustainability (Switzerland), 2018, 10, Article ID 4538.

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Chen, Y.-C., Evaluating greenhouse gas emissions and energy recovery from municipal and industrial solid waste using waste-to-energy technology, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018, 192, pp. 262-269.

Chen, Y.-C., Effects of urbanization on municipal solid waste composition, Waste Management, 2018, Article in Press.

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Yang, S.-Y., Chan, M.-H., Chang, C.-H., Hsu,