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Ph.D. Program

Graduate program (Ph.D.)

The Doctoral Degree Program of the Department of Civil Engineering gives students an opportunity to achieve a high level of scholarly competence, and to develop the capacity of contributing knowledge to the field of Civil Engineering. A doctoral student needs to choose a topic of specialization in consultation with his/her academic adviser.

Graduation and course policy

Within 3 years since entering the doctoral program, a doctoral student must pass the written qualifying exam consisting of 4 subjects. Within a maximum of 7 years, a doctoral student must earn at least 21 graduate credits beyond his/her MS degree and present a dissertation draft to the dissertation committee. Before presenting the dissertation draft, the doctoral candidate must publish at least one article in an international journal indexed by SCI, and one article in either an international journal or an international conference. The dissertation committee should consist of at least five members. Upon approval of the draft, a final oral exam is held. A candidate has two opportunities to pass the oral examination. The final oral exam completes the doctoral program. For a list of courses offed by the Department of Civil Engineering, please see:

List of graduate-level courses in Civil Engineering

International admission

Many international students receive some form of Taiwan scholarship from the Taiwan (ROC) government. The scholarship covers one-year of language school before entering the University. For more information, please see:

MOFA Taiwan Scholarship


For admission to Taipei Tech, please see:

Office of International Affairs (Taiepi Tech)