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BS Program

Undergraduate program

For undergraduate study, the Department of Civil Engineering has developed a curriculum providing students with a broad base to build a civil engineering career. Courses include both basic sciences (physics and calculus) and engineering sciences (structural mechanics, materials, computer programming, fluid mechanics, structural theory, surveying, soil mechanics, reinforced concrete, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, hydrology, foundation engineering, engineering geology, etc.) The Department of Civil Engineering also offers laboratory courses on materials, surveying, soil, and hydraulics.

Graduation and course policy

By completing undergraduate courses of at least 134 credit hours, students will be awarded Bachelor’s Degrees. In addition to the 104 required credits, a student has to complete at least 30 credits of elective courses based on his/her own academic interest and career goals. Undergraduate students can take graduate-level courses, provided that they obtain permissions from the instructors first. Moreover, students can enroll in courses offered by other departments of the University. It usually takes four years to earn a bachelor's degree. For a list of courses offed by the Department of Civil Engineering, please see:

List of CE courses


A summer internship is required for students enrolled in the Civil Engineering program. This usually takes place in the summer before the senior year. The summer internship is a great opportunity to get crucial work experience and to develop job contacts of potential employers.

International admission

Many international students receive some form of Taiwan scholarship from the Taiwan (ROC) government. The scholarship covers one-year of language school before entering the University. For more information, please see:

MOFA Taiwan Scholarship

For admission to Taipei Tech, please see:

Office of International Affairs (Taiepi Tech)