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Development & Prospects

National Taipei University of Technology is one of the best universities in Taiwan and is influential on Taiwanese industrial development. The Department of Civil Engineering grows up for the past few years and devoted to offering professional knowledge and techniques in the planning, investigation, design, testing, drawing, construction, examination and maintenance management of civil engineering related projects. The future focus of the education and research in the department will be placed continuously on the development of structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction management, ecological engineering, information technology, and water resource. We carry out some development stresses and cultivate researcher professors to feature our department and the final aim is to be top of the world.

Our department possesses first-rate faculties who are able to do various basic and engineering practice researches. The Mid-term aim is based on assistance of alumni to meet the aim of the best effect both for alumni and department, we plan to develop respective features of the department and carry out the cooperation with government and private enterprise to upgrade new civil technology in Taiwan. 
In additional to traditional and excellent features, we believe we are still able to make much effort to be the top one. Therefore, we absolutely have an optimistic view of NTUT’s future, due to combination of wise leadership, history, alumni and so forth that would be unlimited.